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The Bookhound Murder, Mystery & Thriller Bundle contains a mix of cult classics, from acclaimed authors and brand new debut writers that we believe will keep you on the edge of your seat for an amazing introductory price of just £9.99. If you order NOW, you will also receive a Free bonus book* for you or a friend (do pass on safely).

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The Crossing Places
Elly Griffiths


Forensic archaeologist Dr Ruth Galloway lives happily alone with her cats in East Anglia, spending her days excavating Iron Age sites in the wilds of Norfolk. Her routine is disrupted by the discovery of the remains of a little girl believed to be Lucy Downey, who went missing a decade before. DCI Nelson, who heads the investigation, calls Galloway in to join the investigation. Then a second girl goes missing promoting fears that a copycat murderer or a  serial killer is on the loose. But will Galloway and Nelson be able to catch the abductor and solve the ten year old case?  

Bookhound says: Elly Griffiths is an established author, who has successfully turned her hand to crime fiction. We are delighted, for in so doing she has revealed her hand as a talented writer who develops her characters and plots with richness and depth. This is the first of the Ruth Galloway series and is an excellent read from an up and coming writer in this genre.

Paperback RRP £7.99


The Sleeping and the Dead
Ann Cleeves


This is a “cold case” story that starts with a shocking discovery of a young man’s decomposed corpse in Cranford lake. Detective Peter Porteous is called to the scene near Cranwell village to investigate. Contrary to his plan for a spell of quiet policing in a sleepy rural backwater, he becomes embroiled in a full-on murder inquiry. The trail leads to Michael Grey, a missing person since the 1970s, whose recovered corpse brings buried memories flooding back for his former girlfriend, Hannah Morton. Will Porteous manage to piece together enough evidence to identify the killer, or will Michael Grey’s case remain unsolved? 

Bookhound says: Cleeves is a top notch crime writer, with television success already behind her with Vera and Shetland. This psychological crime story that is told with a deft touch with rich narrative and strong characterisation to support the plot. She is a worthy winner of a Golden Dagger Award for her work. 

Paperback RRP £7.99


Even Dogs In The Wild
Ian Rankin


Rebus is bored! Why? Because retirement doesn't suit our favourite, irritable Edinburgh policemen. So, when DI Siobhan Clarke asks for his help on a case, Rebus jumps at the opportunity. A top lawyer’s body has been found along with a threatening note beside the corpse. Simultaneously, ‘Big Ger’ Cafferty - Rebus's long-time adversary receives an identical note and an and intimidating bullet through his window. Can Rebus and Clarke make the connections to catch the killer.

Bookhound says: Even though there are some nineteen Rebus stories behind this one, Rankin’s writing seems as fresh as the day he first put pen to paper. Even Dogs in the Wild is vintage Rebus and the twisting plot involving his nemesis, Cafferty, does not disappoint.

Paperback RRP £8.99


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Before Her Eyes
Jack Jordan


Naomi Hannah has been blind since birth. As an adult, she exists in a claustrophobic, dull existence in Balkerne Heights – the epitome of smalltown America – where she has at times even contemplated suicide. But not before her life hangs in the balance, when she stumbles across the body of a young woman. Her acute senses tell her that someone else is there at the scene – has she interrupted the crime? If so, she may be the only person who could identify the killer. Suddenly her life has a new purpose as she strives to discover who the murderer is, as well as trying find out why they allowed her to live. 

Bookhound says: Jack Jordan is an up and coming American thriller writer, who has already penned several bestsellers including Anything For Her and My Girl. And it is clear to see why. In Before Her Eyes, he has written a gripping psychological thriller. A real page turner, which makes for a crackling read.

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All these books (worth £32.96 RRP) for just £9.99 + £3.99 p&p.

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